Biyernes, Enero 15, 2016

It Pays to Know

"Bandila: Rising HIV cases hound PH"

It is very alarming that HIV/AIDS cases in our country still rise and that we are one of the top nine countries with the fastest growing percentage with the disease. It has been recorded that the Philippines alone records an alarming 29,000 cases of confirmed HIV victims. Lack of awareness and understanding of the disease still tops the reason why it is still prevalent and continuing despite efforts of authority. Research concludes that the most vulnerable age group are the adolescent because they lack exposure from the proper education and the word sex has been a taboo for us Filipinos. Until this day, there is still no found cure for HIV virus. What we can do is to be aware and to open our minds to solutions that can further advance our goal, which is eradicating HIV/AIDS.

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