Linggo, Disyembre 27, 2015

High Time for a CHANGE in PH

"Awareness is a high key in preventing

 the prevalence of a disease."

Philippines is a humble country yet things invisible from the naked eye are screaming proudly putting people in a great risk. One of these things is the growing rate of Human Immunodeficiency Virus, better known as HIV. It has sparked many controversies, made famous in different banners and headlines, yet we fail to undermine its roots and contexts inhibiting us to prevent the spreading of the virus. That is why it is our goal to let you know what causes, and how to prevent HIV.

It has been reported that most HIV cases are contracted through sexual transmission. 79 % of the total cases accounts from intercourse, 5% from sharing needle while injecting drugs, 0.3 % through mother-to-child transmission, and the remaining via blood transfusion and needle prick. The rise in the number of cases is very alarming and most people at risk sadly aren’t knowledgeable that they are potential victims. These include men-to-men sexual intercourse, Injecting Drug Users, and the prevalence of HIV to sex workers.

It is saddening that our conservative values as Filipinos are know liberated. But we are given the talents and the capabilities to CHANGE our status and bring back the former glory of the Filipino People. We can start rebuilding our future as to stop, if not eradicate the disease from our system. We, however little our ways, can make an impact if we remember to be united and walk for one cause, and that is to instill in the minds of the people the harmful effects of the HIV virus, and what’s in it that eventually kill, if not paid attention to.

Let us be advocate of HIV awareness, help us educate the world, and together, enable our power to CHANGE.

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