Martes, Agosto 28, 2012


Wanggo Gallaga, one of the Philippines' brave souls who stood up and came out to the public and admitted they are infected with the Deadly Virus.

A lot of people contested and raised discrimination, but in the end, positive supporters of Gallaga  outnumbered the bashers. Take Wanggo Gallaga as an example, he feared that he was infected (which has been true) but he still faced his fears. You cannot forever hide from your fears. It will haunt you sooner.

Stand up, face your fears and be tested! contact us!

we offer free (absolutely no charge) and confidential screening and tests for those who might be interested.
we give free rapid testings at the Manila Social Hygiene Clinic infornt of San Lazaro Hospital, we are affiliated with the Department Of Health (DOH) and other AIDS NGOs.

email us at:

or contact us: 09064868164
Look for  Miss. Jubel

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