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Free HIV and AIDS test in Manila

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If you have been engaged or you are currently engaged in High risk sexual behavior, you might as well prepare yourself for whatever the outcome will be.

AIDS and HIV are sisters/brothers where in they cannot be traced for the first 3-5 months upon acquiring it. It usually takes 6 months before being detected in the blood examination thru HIV screening.

And take note, they won't be detected unless you take the test. There are no symptoms and NO CURE up to now. You'll just find yourself lying in the bed one day with all the complications that it invites once you get infected.

You won't die because of AIDS and HIV, you'll die due to the complications it gives. Common complications are opportunistic virus like Pneumonia, meningitis (Lagnat sa Utak) where in it could lead you to comatose and more!

UP TO NOW, there are still no cure created for HIV and AIDS. oh, btw, AIDS is the Stage 4 of HIV. both of them have no cures up to now.

So you better be aware and share your knowledge about this to your friends! It pays to be aware!

>> if you have been engaged in high risk behavior in sex, Drugs using syringes and injections, Group sex, you are tattoo-ed by a needle, or you have been promiscuously having sex to different persons, you better beware!

NOTE THAT, what I am going to give you is the information of the Manila Social Hygiene Clinic.

They conduct FREE exams and screenings for HIV and AIDS. By free, I mean really free( NO PAYMENT AT ALL) and you can get your result after 20 minutes. Or if you also know someone who have been engaged in high risk behavior in sex, you could also suggest him/ her to go along with you and also have the exam. FACE your fears! do it not for your mother, not for your lover, but for yourself, running away from your fears won't make your fears stop chasing you. Sooner or later you'll tire your self from running and they'll be able to find you.

This is a special project of the Department of Health (DOH), World Health Organization (WHO) and Youth Alliance to fight AIDS and HIV! They fund this project so don't doubt the credibility of this one.

A lot have gone to this clinic and had themselves tested, some got positive, some are negative.They all faced their fears.

How about you? when are you going to face yours? Share this article, blog and information to a friend. You could also save and change lives!


Social Hygiene Clinic - Manila Health Department, 2nd Floor of 208 Quiricada Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila(green building across the main gate of San Lazaro Hospital, between LRT Bambang and LRT Tayuman Station)

Contact Details: For inquiries, call 711-6942 and look for Dra. Diana Mendoza or Ms. Malou Tan, Monday to thursday, 8:00 am to 5:00 p.m. except on Friday only from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

or you could call 09064868164 and Look for Jobel, He'll assist you!!


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